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Can Cats Eat Lettuce

Your kitty may be elated whenever you come home with a bunch of leafy greens from the groceries. If it is a bagful of lettuce that has attracted its attention this time, or he gets mad on seeing the lettuce leaves sitting on your salad or sandwich, then there is no cause for you to worry. All varieties of this veggie (iceberg, romaine, butterhead leaf) is safe for your cat when given in limited amounts.

Can Cats Eat Lettuce

How is lettuce good for cats

As this vegetable has a high water content (iceberg lettuce having the highest), it helps to keep your cat hydrated, especially if it is mostly on dry foods, and needs more amount of water in its diet. It is also high in Vitamin A and even has a higher amount of dietary fiber, the latter being useful in aiding digestion. Moreover, chewing the lettuce leaves are also said to clean its tongue, resulting in a fresh breath.

Can cats have raw lettuce

Outdoor cats have a knack for eating grass to help in better digestion. However, indoor felines would not get proper access to it and often end up in eating leafy greens that would in turn act as a laxative, helping them to get rid of the wastes that they have ingested. Hence giving them raw lettuce leaves would be fine, though care should be taken to wash them off thoroughly before the felines can consume it. The leaves may be rolled just as a cigar, chopped into tiny slices and added to the kitty’s food.

You can even give them spoonfuls of cooked lettuce, though make sure it is not loaded with spices or salt as it might then affect the cat’s health adversely.

Can lettuce be poisonous to cats

No, they are not toxic to cats, however, when given in increased amounts on a regular basis, it can result in stomach ailments. Besides this, an increased intake of Vitamin A is also harmful to cats resulting in bone problems.

If your pet reacts abnormally after consuming even a small amount of lettuce, contact the veterinarian at once.

Published on December 9th 2017 by under . Article was last reviewed on 9th December 2017.