White Cat Memes

A shout out to all the white cat owners out there- we’re sure you’ll relate! The rest of you, read on and find out how white cats can be no less evil than their black counterparts.

1)My favorite movie is The Aristocats.

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2)My humans are racist.

Memes White Cat

3) Is that a new black sofa? Let me rub up against it a little bit.

Funny White Cat Memes

4) I was named after Casper the friendly ghost. But I’m definitely NOT friendly.

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5) Winter is coming.

White Cat Meme

6) Did you just say I’m an emblem of white supremacism?

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7) I’m so white, even Trump can’t kick me out.

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8) My name’s Walter White, and I AM the danger!

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9) I’m not white, my human bleached me.

White Cat Memes

10) You know that white cat in Stuart Little? He’s a cousin.

White Cats Memes

Who knew Grumpy Cat is not the only mischievous yet politically aware feline, eh?