Calico Cat

Calico Cat

Calico is a tricolored coat pattern in domestic cats, comprising 25-75 % white along with large patches of orange and black. Calico cats have been given different names, including brindle, tobi mi-ke, lapjeskat, and tricolor cat. Because of their genetic makeup, calico cats cannot be bred. The coat pattern occurs randomly in cats that exhibit a range of different colors.

Calico Cat Colors

Some calico cats, however, can have red, bluish-black, chocolate brown, or cream in their coat pattern. Those with diluted coloration are called clouded tiger or calimanco.

Why are All Calico Cats Female

Female calicos have one black-coded chromosome (X) and one orange-coded chromosome (X), expressing both the black and orange color patterns. In males, however, one black- or orange-coded chromosome (X) cannot produce a calico pattern by combining with a chromosome (Y), which does not carry any color information.

Can Calico Cats be Male

Male calicos are extremely rare. Around one of every 3,000 calicos is a male. It happens due to a genetic anomaly, during which a male has two chromosomes (X) and one chromosome (Y).

Types of Calico Cats

  • Standard calico: Has a white coat combined with large spots of black and orange.
  • Dilute calico: Exhibits lighter coat colorations, with white fur and large spots of strawberry-blonde and smoky gray colorations.
  • Calibby: Mixes calico with the spotted or striped markings of a tabby cat.

Cat Breeds That Can Have Calico Coat

Calico Cat Pictures