Fat Cat Memes

Bummed out about being body-shamed? Haters hating on you too hard? If the answer is yes, go through these insanely relatable fat cat memes to have a good laugh despite it all!

1)I swear the camera adds 10 pounds!

Best Fat Cat Memes

2)And my favorite dish is ratatouille!

Cute Fat Cat Memes

3)Roses are red violets are blue, if you call me fat, I shall maul you!

Fat Cat Meme

4) I’m not fat, this is water weight.

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5)Well well well, is that Nutella you got there?

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6)I’m curvy and I like it!

Fat Cat Memes Pictures

7)My human said I eat too much, so I ate him too.

Fat Cat Memes

8) Do I look bloated in this picture?

Funny Fat Cat Memes

9)Diet? What’s that?

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10)Don’t annoy me when I’m reading ‘Confessions of a Glutton’.

Meme Fat Cat

Enjoyed yourself, didn’t you? So go ahead and make these hilarious fat cat memes go viral because you only live once!