Lazy Cat Memes

Every once in a while we have those days when all we have the energy for is to eat, sleep and repeat. And these cats clearly have those days just a tad bit more often than you do.

1)I am a serial procrastina……

Pictures of Lazy Cat Memes

2)I tried to wake up from my nap, but I fell asleep.

Photos of Lazy Cat Memes

3)Yeah, us cats hibernate too.

Lazy Cat Memes

4) Let me sleep; it’s night-time somewhere.

Lazy Memes Cat

5) If sloth is a sin, call me guilty.

Lazy Cat Memes Pictures

6)I specialize in the art of doing absolutely nothing.

Lazy Cat Memes Photos

7)Who cares if it’s Monday? I’m a cat. Everyday is nap day.

Lazy Cat Memes Images

8)My human said Carpe Diem. So I seized the day and took a nap.

Lazy Cat Meme

9) I’m so lazy, playing dead is my favorite game.

Funny Lazy Cat Memes

10)I got tired of taking my last nap. I need another one.

Images of Lazy Cat Memes


In case being a couch potato is your second nature, we’re sure you relate way too much with these hilariously lazy felines!