List of Fruits and Vegetables Cats Can or Cannot Eat

Your little kitty must be snuggling onto your lap to get a bite of the mouth-watering fruits or veggies you have on your platter. Can you satisfy their cravings? The answer is YES if what you are eating is safe for them but not more than a few bits as your cat is not strong at digesting all of it as well as you can. Feeding it big chunks of fruits and vegetables may hurt it, putting it at the risk of a whole lot of health hazards.

Should you give your cat fruits and vegetables

  • In very small amounts.
  • Fruits should be washed well.
  • Vegetables are to be boiled or cooked and not given raw.
  • Pits and seeds of fruits like apple, pear, apricot, peach, and plums must be removed.

Safety tip: Keep a close watch if your cat is eating a fruit or vegetable for the first time and contact the vet if you see it behaving strangely after eating it.

What fruits cats cannot eat

What vegetables cats can eat

What vegetables cats cannot eat