Can Cats Eat Carrots

Many cats with an appetite for different fruits and vegetables, can develop a fascination for carrots. This vegetable is perfectly safe for them in limited quantities. Fresh, cooked carrot is recommended over raw ones since the latter is more fibrous increasing the risk of choking hazards and some digestive issues.

How is carrot beneficial to your cat

Carrots are beneficial to cats, as they are to humans since the vegetable is an excellent source of beta-carotene alongside other minerals and vitamins. While its fiber content facilitates digestion, the retinol present may help in a good eyesight.

However, cats can convert only a small amount of beta-carotene into vitamin A (retinal or retinol) and store it for reproduction of cells, as well as the growth of the body. Hence, they are especially suitable for kittens and the younger cats that are in their growing phase.

You can occasionally spread small shaved carrots or a few cooked carrot pieces on your cat’s  wet food, or opt for buying cat food that already includes it. Baby carrots are tenderer and easier to digest since the essential nutrition present in them is absorbed efficiently.

Can carrots be bad for your cat

You should discard the carrot greens since it might lead to vomiting and diarrhea if your cat consumes it.

As mentioned already, excessive amounts of carrots in the diet may result in digestive issues. Moreover, you should also remember that carrot recipes like carrot cake or carrot juice are not directly harmful to your cat, but as they have a very high sugar content, frequent consumption can fatten your cat quickly.