Happy Birthday Cat Memes

Having a crappy day? Time to get high on cat memes, for there is rarely anything more intriguing than crabby cats celebrating their birthday and wishing you yours.

1)Happy Birthday. Where’s cake?

Cat Meme Happy Birthday

2)Happy Birthday! Congratulations, you get to rub my belly today.

Happy Birthday Cat Meme

3)Happy Birthday? Do tell why you’re so happy about being more prone to cellulite and wrinkles?

Grumpy Cat Happy Birthday Meme

4)Happy Birthday to me! Now sing me Smelly Cat, human.

Happy Birthday Cat Memes Images

5) I’d wish you a happy birthday, but I’m not really happy.

Happy Birthday Cat Memes Funny

6) happy Birthday, human. There’s fish on the menu.

Happy Birthday Cat Memes Pictures

7) It’s your birthday, so I’m gonna try harder to pretend that I can stand you.

Happy Birthday Cat Memes

8)Happy Birthday, you crazy cat lady.

Happy Birthday Cats Memes

9) I thought I asked you to get red velvet cake.

Happy Birthday Meme Cat

10) It’s my birthday. Now leave me alone.

Cat Happy Birthday Meme

If you’ve had a good laugh with these cake-obsessed, super cynical cats on birthdays, share with other cat owners and make their day too!