Maltese Cat

The term “Maltese cat” is used to represent any cat that has a primarily blue or gray coat pattern. Since Malta, an island state in Southern Europe, has cats that produce such coloration, the adjective has been used to refer to any cat exhibiting this coat pattern.

Maltese Cat

Maltese Cat Colors and Genetics

Aside from the solid gray or blue coloration, a Maltese cat can have a combination of both the colors.

Gray Cat

There are many cat breeds, such as the Chartreux, Russian Blue, and Korat, which exclusively exhibit the gray or blue fur but have not originated in Malta. The British Shorthair, for example, commonly displays the blue coat because of which it was known as the “British Blue”. The adjective ‘Maltese’ is also used for representing these breeds.

A cat with the solid gray coat consists of four double-recessive genes for the color dilution and non-agouti characteristics.

List of Cat Breeds That can have Maltese Coat

Maltese Cat Pictures