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Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell is a bi-colored coat pattern of cats in which two colors, typically red and black, occur either in large patches or as a mixture. Tortoiseshell cats, often affectionately called ‘torties’, can have a hint of orange, cream, or yellow instead of the red, along with blue, gray, or chocolate instead of black. Sometimes patched tabby patterns comprising black and brown, and red occur in tortoiseshell cats, which are called torbie or tortie-tabby. Several breeds, including the Persian, Cornish Rex, and Japanese Bobtail, can have tortoiseshell markings.

Tortoiseshell Cat

Tortoiseshell cats are mostly females. The sex chromosome (X) in females also has genetic information on black or orange coat colors, while the sex chromosome (Y) in males does not carry genetic code for any coat colors. Since female cats have both the X chromosomes, they have black and orange color variations. A male, however, has a single X and Y chromosome, which means it will only be black or orange.

Cat Breeds That Can Have Tortoiseshell Coat

Tortoiseshell Cat Pictures

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