Hairless Cat Memes

The Canadian Sphynx cat is known for its distinctive looks, that is, its complete lack of a fur coat- making it the(hairless) butt of endless memes!

1)Do you mind closing your eyes? I feel like I’m on display.

Photos of Hairless Cat Memes

2)What do you mean I don’t look like a real cat?

Pictures of Hairless Cat Memes

3)Fur is for losers.

Images of Hairless Cat Memes

4)Yes, I’m the new brand ambassador for Phillips Precision Perfect Hair Trimmer.

Hairless Cat Memes Pictures

5) No, I’m not related to Jason Statham. Or Vin Diesel.

Hairless Cat Memes

6)Do cats shed hair in Autumn too?

Hairless Cat Memes Photos

7)Haircut gone very very wrong.

Hairless Cat Memes Images

8)Don’t worry, for I’m in love with the shape of you!

Funny Hairless Cat Memes

9) Hey, what you lookin’ at? Never seen a well-groomed cat before?

Cat Memes Hairless

10) Don’t worry; it’ll grow back. Or will it?

Hairless Cat Meme

After looking at these memes, you can’t help but sympathize with these poor yet ironically regal cats and their really uncanny looks!