Sad Cat Memes

The reason why these cats are so adorable? They have a perpetual sad yet cute expression on their faces- and they aren’t sorry about it!

1)Did you just say I’m adopted??!

Sad Cat Memes

2) I’m sorry to break it to you human, but we can’t afford to keep the dog.

Sad Cat Memes Pictures

3)My human never asks me who’s a good boy.

Sad Cat Memes Photos

4) I’m not sad, I’m realistic.

Sad Cat Meme

5)Existential crisis is real.

Sad Cat Memes Images

6) You’re bored of me, aren’t you?

Really Sad Cat Meme

7)He’s always loved the dog more.

Pictures of Sad Cat Memes

8)What do you mean Santa’s not real??!!

Images of Sad Cat Memes

9) Why CAN’T I sleep next to you anymore?

Photos of Sad Cat Memes

10) They said they’d take me to the park; they took me to the vet instead.

Cute Sad Cat Meme

These cats with the blues have no doubt become an internet sensation, touching nerves of animal lovers worldwide.