Can Cats Watermelon

Your cat may be as keen as you to grab the piece of juicy watermelon lying on your plate. It is okay to give your little kitty moderate amounts of this delicious fruit occasionally in the form of a treat.

However, take caution to remove the seeds since they contain toxic chemicals like cyanide which can hurt your feline’s digestive system, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. They can also bring harm to the cat by causing a choking hazard. Remove the rind also as cats might find it difficult to bite and swallow them.

Can Cats Have Watermelon

Why do cats like watermelon

Most felines are known to have a particular affinity towards the fruit, with the actual reason for the same not being identified. It may not be its taste as studies show that cats lack sweet receptors. Hence, its big size, bright color or high water content, might make cats curious in trying it out.

Is it safe for cats to have watermelon

Since the fruit is high in water, feeding your cat correct amount of it would be one of the remedies to keep it hydrated. Other benefits of the fruit include its high vitamin (A, C) and fiber content which makes it a nutritious and safe treat for cats.

Is watermelon bad for cats

When given in excessive amounts or on a regular basis, watermelon may lead to a host of digestive ailments. It is also high in sugar and hence must be a no-no for cats that are diabetic. Getting too addicted to watermelon may even result in obesity in cats.

Consult your veterinarian at once if you find your cat vomiting or behaving unusually after eating watermelon.