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Can Cats Eat Raisins

NO, just like grapes, raisins too are not recommended for felines, and a small amount of it can lead to a lot of health hazards. Though it might not be the same for everyone, as some may be absolutely fine after eating raisins, it is still advisable to keep your cats away from it.

Can Cats Eat Raisins

Are raisins poisonous to cats

According to the ASPCA, grapes and raisins are said to be toxic to cats.

How are raisins bad for cats

Though the exact reason for raisin toxicity is unknown, a chemical present in grapes is said to cause the harm. Raisins being a variety of dehydrated grapes have a higher concentration of this chemical, leading to greater damage.

How to deal with raisin toxicity in cats

Symptoms of raisin poisoning include vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, low energy, shakiness, physical weakness and irritability.

If your cat has consumed a little or too much of raisins, monitor him for a while, or call the veterinarian at the earliest. You may even contact the ASPCA helpline at (888) 426-4435.


Published on November 30th 2017 by under . Article was last reviewed on 30th November 2017.