Can Cats Eat Pears

Does your cat have a knack of nibbling onto every fruit that you have laid on your platter? Then it is essential for you to know the ones he can safely have and those that are a strict no-no for him. If his latest fascination is a plate of pears, then you would be relieved to hear that your cat can have it, in small amounts though, occasionally. Fresh fruits are better than the canned ones as the artificial sweeteners are not healthy enough.

Can Cats Eat Pears

However, make sure that it does not swallow the seeds as they contain cyanide, which may be harmful to them.

Are pears good for cats

Pears are a good source of antioxidants, besides being rich in vitamins (A, C, K), minerals and fiber. Feeding them limited quantities of the fruit at times alongside other dietary supplements may contribute towards their overall health.

Can pears be bad for cats

Since cats are carnivores, they do not need a wholesome diet of fruits. Some of them are even unable to digest it well. Thus overconsumption may hurt their digestive system. Moreover, if your cat is diabetic or obese, it is safe enough to avoid feeding him pears or other fruits because of their sugar content.

In case, you find it behaving unusually after having even a little bit of pear, consult your veterinarian at the earliest.