Can Cats Eat Cranberries

Cranberries are safe for cats when given in moderate amounts. Dried cranberries would not harm your cat, though they may not be as nutritionally beneficial as the fresh ones because of the preservatives present in them.

Can Cats Eat Cranberries

How are cranberries good for cats

Cranberry serves as a useful remedy for treating urinary tract infections in cats as well as dogs.  Researchers say that they can increase the acidic nature of urine, making it difficult for the E.coli bacteria to thrive in there for a more extended span. New studies have also shown that cranberries possess anti-adhesive properties, preventing the infection causing bacteria from staying in the walls of the urinary tract for an increased duration.

Besides being an effective home remedy in providing relief from urinary tract infections, cranberry is a powerful storehouse of vitamins (A, C, K) as well as essential minerals like copper, magnesium, iron, and manganese.

How to give cranberries to cats for urinary tract infection

Before using cranberry juice or extracts for medicinal purpose, you should always talk to the veterinarian, who would decide upon the dosage and ways you can give it to your cat. Never start it all by yourself prior consultation.  The various ways in which you can provide cranberries include

  • Unsweetened cranberry juice
  • Cranberry supplements like powders or pills

Some owners also give it as treats to cats in the form of cookies or biscuits, as a healthy measure to keep urinary tract infections at bay.

Are cranberries toxic to cats

The ASPCA has not mentioned about the safety of cranberries for cats, though no toxicity has yet been reported. However, giving it in limited amounts when used as treats or following the advice of the doctor if using it to treat an ailment, would help prevent any unpleasant occurrences.