Can Cats Eat Spinach

Though veggies do not form an essential part of a cat’s diet, they may sometimes be curious to take a bite of the food lying on your platter or in the vegetable basket. If a bowl of mouthwatering spinach curry has tempted your kitty, restrict it from having the same, as there is a mixed bag of opinion regarding this vegetable’s safety for felines, especially if your cat is already suffering from kidney ailments.

Can Cats Eat Spinach

Is eating spinach safe for cats

Though some mention that giving cats a little bit of spinach once in a while would not hurt them, others are of the opinion that this leafy vegetable may be harmful to the cat’s urinary tract since it contains a higher amount of oxalic acid affecting its bladder and kidney, also resulting in stones.

Though there is nothing to worry if your cat has eaten a little bit of spinach, it is best to keep it away from it to avoid any adversities in the long run.

In case your pet shows symptoms of vomiting, stomach upset or anything else that does not look normal, do not hesitate in contacting the veterinarian at the earliest.