Can Cats Have Pineapple

Yes, cats can eat small pieces of fresh pineapple, though not too often and in limited amounts. Avoid giving your cat canned pineapple or even the juice because of their high sugar content. Keep your pet away from dried pineapple too as it may not be beneficial enough for its digestive health.

Take out the spiky skin and tough core to minimize the risk of choking.

Can Cats Have Pineapple

How is pineapple good for cats

Antioxidants, vitamins (B1, B6, C), fibers, minerals— pineapple has everything to make it a healthy and nutritious fruit.

However, keeping in mind the small quantity of the fruit cats can have, these components may not cater to its daily requirement.

When is pineapple not safe for cats

Pineapples contain fructose which may trigger diarrhea when absorbed by the body in excessive amounts. Hence over-consumption might result in a host of digestive hazards.

The leaves of the pineapple plant are not poisonous though their bromelain content may lead to an allergic reaction. Hence if you have a pineapple plant growing in your garden, it would be best to keep your cat away from it to avoid any adverse occurrences.

In case of any allergies or discomfort shown by the cat after eating pineapple, do not delay in calling a vet.