Can Cats Eat Asparagus

Though vegetables are an essential part of human diet, they may not be a healthy option for your cats because they are obligate carnivores. However, if your cat digs into a bowl of asparagus curry or any other delicacy, then feel free to allow it a little bit of it since this veggie is safe for your feline friend.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus

Is asparagus good for cats

Asparagus is a nutritious vegetable having high amounts of vitamins, fibers, and minerals as well as low calorie content. However, as cats require a diet consisting of protein and fat, asparagus would not be a preferred option for them.

How to give asparagus to cats

Wash and cook it thoroughly before giving it to your cat. Boiled, steamed or grilled varieties of the veggie would be fine, but they should not contain salt or seasonings such as garlic and onion which are harmful to your pet. Raw asparagus is not also a preferred option since it might contain parasites, resulting in digestive disorders. Canned or pickled asparagus are also high in preservatives and additives. Hence they too must be avoided.

Can asparagus be bad for cats

Asparagus can hurt your cat when eaten in excessive amounts resulting in digestive hazards as well as other stomach ailments. As they have a high alkaline content having too much of it might result in urinary problems.

If your cat shows any abnormal symptoms after consuming even a small quantity of asparagus, do not delay in contacting your veterinarian.