Can Cats Eat Ginger

If your little kitty is caught by a bout of stomach disorder or falls a little sick as you take it for a car ride, then bits of ginger, given in measured amounts would come to his rescue.

However, if they are inclined to have a bite of the delicious gingersnap or gingerbread you have just baked, do not give them more than just a tiny morsel. Take special care to remove the pieces of cloves, cinnamons, and nutmegs that are one of the prime ingredients of these delicacies, since they might result in allergies or stomach ailments.

Can Cats Eat Ginger

How is ginger beneficial to cats

Studies have revealed that ginger works as an antiemetic, being helpful in treating nausea as well as vomiting. This makes it useful for felines too, who are given ginger extract to soothe their stomachs.

How much ginger can cats have

When giving cats ginger for medicinal purpose, you would need to contact a vet to determine the exact amount, that would be decided by its weight alongside other physical conditions.

How to give ginger to cats

You can grate ginger root and include it as a part of your cat’s food. Another option would be to make a cup of warm tea with grated ginger and warm water, which can be fed to the pet in small amounts using a dropper.

Can ginger be toxic to cats

When given in measured quantities, ginger is not toxic to cats. However, overeating would hurt its stomach adversely, instead of soothing it.

Since it also acts as a blood thinner, consult a vet before giving it to your cat if it is pregnant, has or will undergo any surgery.

If your cat’s vomiting persists even after having ginger and is combined with diarrhea, lethargy or any other symptoms, do not delay in giving it medical treatment.