Can Cats Eat Peaches

Peaches are said to be moderately poisonous to cats, though some parts of it like the pits, seeds and the skin may bring in potential harm. Hence, it would be a safe option to refrain your cat from having peach completely even as a fruity treat or a table food.

Can Cats Eat Peaches

How are peaches bad for cats

The ASPCA puts peaches in the list of foods toxic to cats. In fact barring the meat, the other parts are not a safe option to consume. The pits have cyanide which can cause severe side effects like shock, coma, as well as death in extreme cases. The seeds are also harmful enough causing choking hazards and irritation of the intestinal tract if swallowed. The peach skin is also a strict no-no since they are likely to contain pesticides, hence resulting in digestive problems on being eaten.

Canned peaches are also to be avoided as they are high in artificial sweeteners, causing obesity and other complications in cats.

Symptoms of peach poisoning in cats

If your cat consumes peach, then there are possibilities of it to show allergic reactions resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. Severe symptoms include breathing difficulty, panting, dilated pupils, and shock. Under such circumstances, do not delay in calling a veterinarian or contact ASPCA helpline at (888) 426-4435.