Can Cats Eat Cherries

NO, Cherries are not a recommended fruit choice for cats since they are considered to be mild to moderately toxic for them.

Not just the fruit, avoid giving your cat any preparation made from it like a cherry cake, pie or yogurt, to prevent any harmful consequences.

Can Cats Eat Cherries

How are cherries poisonous to cats

Apart from the pulp surrounding the seeds, the entire fruit, as well as the roots and leaves, are toxic to cats since they contain cyanide which when ingested in very high amounts restrains cytochrome oxidase’s (an enzyme) ability to transport cellular oxygen, thus depriving the cells of receiving sufficient oxygen.

Symptoms of cherry poisoning in cats may include breathing difficulty, dilated pupils, red gums, and even shock as well as death in extreme cases.

If your cat is a victim of cherry poisoning contact your vet at the earliest or ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Helpline at (1-888-426-4435).