Can Cats Eat Green Beans

YES, they can! In fact, green beans are one of the few human foods you can share with your fluff ball. However, a carnivore’s diet should not be ruled by only or mostly greens. So, from time to time, you can indeed provide them with this vegetable as a supplement for some vital nutrients their body needs.

Can Cats Eat Green Beans

How are green beans good for cats

ASPCA has confirmed that green beans and sprouts are safe for your feline friends. It has an excellent amount of fiber that can aid in keeping its bowel smooth and intestine healthy, and the iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B6 in it can be useful for your cat’s overall health.

Since green bean is quite high in protein and low in fat, it can prove to be good for your cutie, fatty cat for losing some extra pounds.

What to remember before feeding green beans to cats

  • Never forget to pick up the freshest ones from the market. Choose canned green beans IF ONLY you are sure that they are organic, and not processed, artificially-flavored, or brined (salted).
  • Not just for green beans, any vegetables you offer to cats should be cooked rather than raw (even if it is cat-friendly), since they may result in choking hazards.
  • Also, remember that you are providing green beans as an additional source of nutrients, and NOT as a replacement for its meal.

How to feed green beans to your cat

Chop green beans into small pieces and boil, steam, or get them cooked lightly before serving them to your cat. You can mix it with rice, meat, chicken, or other cat-friendly vegetables (like peas, carrots).