Can Cats Eat Olives

Your cat may often get hysterical at the sight of olive, just as it does for catnip, rolling on its back in excitement and joy. However, this behavior may vary from one cat to the other, and not everyone would behave in this way. If he curiously nibbles at the olives on your salad or curry, don’t panic, since a little bit of it is okay for your cat.

Can Cats Eat Olives

Why do cats love olive

The reason for the frenzied madness in cats at the sight of olives is unknown and unexplained. However, cat experts have suggested that olives contain the chemical isoprenoids that have a similar effect on the cat’s receptors like the chemical methylcyclopentane monoterpene nepetalactone present in catnip.

Is olive good for cats

Olives come with a host of health benefits like being a powerful antioxidant, having low fiber and high carbohydrates as well as containing Vitamin E in high amounts alongside other minerals like copper, iron, sodium, and calcium. However, there is not much the fruit would benefit to cats, and a small titbit is just alright. Do not make it a regular affair though.

Can olives be bad for cats

Overconsumption of olives may hurt the cats digestive system, leading to adverse effects. If your feline has a stomach upset, vomits or shows any other symptoms which do not appear normal, then talk to the veterinarian without delay.