Can Cats Eat Cheese

Just as you are on the verge of taking a bite of your cheese sandwich, your heart might melt seeing your cat staring at you in expectation of getting a morsel. A bit of cheese slice or sauce, given directly, sprinkled over their food or added along with other ingredients while preparing a homemade diet may be all right but not beyond that as a majority of cats suffer from lactose intolerance, not being able to digest cheese or other dairy products well.

Can Cats Eat Cheese

Do cats like cheese

It varies from cat to cat as some would not be able to hold themselves back the moment you pick up a cheesy roll from your plate while other might move steps away at the very sight of it.

If your kitty is fond of a cheesy delight, you can go for ones that are low in lactose like cottage cheese, parmesan, Swiss and cheddar over feta that is relatively high in lactose.

Is cheese good for cats

Cheese is considered to be one of the healthiest dairy products as it is rich in vitamins (A, B12), protein, calcium, zinc and phosphorous.

However, as cats should have only a small amount of it once in a while, the nutrients present in cheese would not do any good to them.

Many owners prefer cheese as a way of making their cats eat medicine by mixing the powdered pills to it. Do not try this practice if your cat cannot digest it well.

Can cheese be bad for cats

High amounts of cheese when given regularly or in excess amounts can hurt the cat’s digestive system leading to diarrhea, vomiting or other stomach ailments.

Be it cheese rolls, sticks, pizza, balls, puffs, cake, popcorn, or crackers, while feeding any of these, give only a pinch. In case you are introducing any cheese delicacy, monitor your cat and if it shows any unusual symptoms take it to the veterinarian at once.