Can Cats Eat Pecan

Like most other nuts, pecan is also not a recommended option for cats because of the adverse effects it may cause. Though having a scrape of it rarely may not have any harmful results, it is still best to keep your kitty away from it to ward off any potential hazards.

How can pecan be bad for cats

Pecans are high in fats as other nuts thus increasing the risk of stomach ailments in cats, besides putting them at the risk of pancreatitis when consumed in high amounts regularly. They also have a high salt content which may result in sodium ion poisoning when eaten in large quantities. Moreover, pecan nuts can even result in choking hazards when consumed along with the shells.

If your cat still has a little bit of pecan, it is advisable to keep a watch on it. If it develops allergic reactions or behaves in a way that is not normal, contact your veterinarian at the earliest or call the ASPCA helpline at 1800-426-4435.