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Aegean Cat

The Aegean Cat is a naturally developed breed from Greece, which means, these cats developed without external human interference. Although, as a breed, these felines are rare, they are extensively common in their home island of Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.

Although the local people have welcomed them inside their households, the feral population of these cats is also large. They are found openly roaming around, or resting on a boundary wall or under the tree shed, or lurking around fishing boats.

They are medium-sized cats with semi-long hair and a lean but muscular structure and a thick tail. The almond-shaped eyes of these cats are green. Since this cat has not been recognized by any cat registries, the probability to find it bred as a pet in an American household is less.

Quick Information

Physical Appearance & Size

Weight:9 to 10 pounds

Colors & Patterns

Coat Type:Semi-long, brushy
Color:Black, white, red, fawn, gray, blue, bi-color, tri-color
Coat Pattern:Bi color,with or without tabby striping

Other Characteristics

Other Names:γάτα του Αιγαίου (Greek)
Life Expectancy (Lifespan):9 to 10 years
Litter Size:Medium
Personality Traits:Affectionate, social, playful, intelligent, active
Good with Children:Yes
Country of Origin:Greece


The Aegean cat got its name from the Aegean Sea. Considered as a national treasure in Greece, these cats developed in the group of Cycladic Islands, including the Santorini, the Milos, the Mykonos, the Naxos, and 200 other small islands. They are considered as one of the oldest of the domesticated breeds.

Despite its long history of domestication, these cats were considered to be a ‘new’ breed only after it was formally bred in the early 1990s.

Temperament and Personality

Since the Aegean cats have been domesticated for many centuries and have been roaming the highly-inhabited island of Cyclades, they are very much accustomed to interacting with humans. This makes them a very social breed and especially used to apartment life. Being an island cat, they love water and even to go fishing with their human companions.

They love the attention of their families and are genuinely affectionate. They would express their different emotions by frequent vocalization.

The Aegean cats are highly active and would play around with children, and even with other pets. These cats make great mouse-catchers.


The cat is a moderate shedder. Like all other cats, they would frequently polish their own hair. Brush them about once a week with a wire slicker brush. This should remove their dead hair.

Also, keep an eye for any ear infection. Brush their teeth and trim their nails when required. Finally, because of their natural affinity and curiosity for water and fish, keep them away from water especially if you have a fish tank or a koi-pond at home.

The Aegean cat is free from most genetic cat diseases, nor is known to be prone to any breed-specific issues. This is how they have evolved. Otherwise, you can still consult the veterinarian for routine care or medical advice.


The cat is extremely intelligent and interactive. They would very readily pick up training and tricks. They are obedient and would easily take after the habits of its owner. Teach it basic at-home rules. It will adapt itself to all the training it receives throughout its kitten-hood.


The Aegean cats are island cats, living close to the waters. Supply them with raw food, since raw food consists of about 70% moisture. Better you avoid kibbles since it contains only 5-10% of moisture.

These cats love fish. Give them plenty of fish, since their digestive system is adapted and accustomed to this kind of diet. Raw meat is also good for their health.

As far as diet is concerned, this cat is quite inflexible. They live entirely upon fats and proteins and never to be served carbohydrate. Their digestive system is not designed to digest carbohydrates. Hence, it is always advisable to control its general body weight by planning a regular healthy diet.

The AC has the tendency to eat in small quantities all through the day. Since obesity is very common among domesticated cats, diet should be kept under control, or else, it might in turn invite different other health hazards, including diabetes.

Interesting Facts

  • The Aegean cat is considered to be the only native variety of Greek cat.
  • Till date, in the rural areas, these felines are seen as the most effective method of pest control because of their skilled ability of predation, especially their mousing ability.

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