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Minskin Cat

The Minskin is a new feline breed that has been developed by crossbreeding the Munchkin and Sphynx. These cats have striking features with short legs and furs confined to certain points of their body like their face, nose, ears, tail and legs. Their velvety textured skin is sparsely haired, whereas their belly is devoid of any hair. They are characterized by a sturdy and stocky structure, having a round head, big ears as well as round eyes which go well with their pleasant facial expression.

Quick Information

Physical Appearance & Size

Weight:4 lbs (1.8kg)

Colors & Patterns

Coat:Short, hairless, or sparsely present hairs
Color:Found in varied patterns and colors such as tortoise shells, solids, tabby colors and patterns in combination with white

Other Characteristics

Life Expectancy:12 to 14 years
Personality Traits:Affectionate, Intelligent, Playful, Athletic, Sweet, Outgoing
Good with Children:Yes
Vocalization:Chirping, Growling, Yowling, Purring
Country of Origination:United States of American


Paul Mc Sorley, a breeder, took the initiative of developing the Minskin breed in 1998 in the city of Boston of Massachusetts. Mr. Mc Sorley wanted to create a short-legged cat with fur confined to the points of its body, just like the Siamese cat. To achieve his goal, Sorley crossed the Munchkin cat having short limbs and fur with the Sphinx for its hairless feature. Apart from these two breeds he even made use of the Burmese cats and the English cats, Devon Rex.

The first Minskin was born in the July of 2000 with the number increasing to about 50 by the beginning of 2005. The new litter had variations as it comprised of cats that were long-legged and had full coats. It gained recognition as a “Preliminary New Breed” by the International Cat Association in the year 2008. Presently it is a part of the program of TICA which monitors the development of new feline breeds.


Temperament and Personality

The Minskin is an affectionate, pleasant natured breed, enjoying the company of people particularly children who can handle their pets in a gentle way. They even mingle well with other cat breeds, gently-behaved dogs, and strangers, thus making them well fit for houses with varied pets. Being sensitive to extreme heat and cold, they need to be kept with a lot of care.

Having an intelligent disposition, they are always on the lookout for new and interesting activities. These playful cats entertain their families with a lot of athletic stunts, also speeding around the entire house, enjoying grasping at a toy lying in the living room.They will flaunt their acrobatic skills by going up the cabinet, bookshelf or even windowsill at the slightest available opportunity.

They love crawling into the nearest available lap to get their share of love. Because of their scarcely present hair, they are warm to touch, being a perfect pet to be cuddled and fondled especially during the winter months. However, this Munchkin-Sphinx mix may have difficulties in adjusting to a change in their surroundings.


They should be made to exercise for about ten to fifteen minutes every day to maintain their physical and mental health. As they are playful, owners can engage them in a lot of chasing and running games, keeping these scantily-haired cats entertained. The sharp-brained Minskins can be kept occupied with a toy puzzle. Placing a cat tree at one corner of the room will help them fulfill their passion for climbing. Refrain from taking them out during summer and winter months because of their increased risk of getting sunburns and cold when exposed to excessive heat or chilling temperatures.

As this breed has a minimal coat, they can be groomed easily. They need to be given a bath once a week in lukewarm water using a mild shampoo to prevent oil and dirt from accumulating on their skin. Apart from this, clean their ears, brush their teeth and trim their claws to ensure proper hygiene. Provide them with a blanket or even a cat sweater in the winter months.

This hardy breed may be affected by the common diseases suffered by most cats. Moreover, its hairless skin can be a cause of certain skin problems, also increasing chances of developing yeast infections when not looked after well. Some cases of pectus excavatum and lordosis might be seen in this breed.


Their intelligent nature makes them easy to train. Owners or trainers can teach kittens interesting tricks and other etiquettes to make their personality seem more charming.


Provide your pet Minskin good quality cat food and fresh water. You can give them milk occasionally in the form of a treat as most cats are intolerant to lactose.

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