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Ragamuffin Cat

The Ragamuffin, a domestic feline breed is a variety of the Ragdoll breed, popular for its cute, cuddly appearance and friendly disposition.

Quick Information

Physical Appearance & Size

Body Type:Medium to Large
Physical Description:Broad head, round forehead, a rectangular body, wide shoulders, large chest, tufted paws and ears and long furry tail.
Weight (Size):12 to 20 pounds

Colors & Patterns

Coat type:Long, luxurious, plush, soft and silky
Color:All colors
Pattern:All patterns like tabbytortoiseshell, and mink but colorpoint variations unacceptable by the CFA.
Eyes:Large, walnut-shaped of any color

Other Characteristics

Average Life Span/ Life Expectancy:12 to 16 years
Personality Traits:Friendly, loving, kind, affectionate, gentle
Lap Cat:Yes
Shedding (Do they Shed):Frequent
Vocalization:Mostly calm and quiet, uttering soothing purrs at times.
Good with Children:Yes
Competitive Registration/ Qualification:ACFA/CAA, CFA


1960s: Mrs. Ann Baker, a noted breeder, purchased some of the kittens, produced by Josephine, a white domestic cat with long hair, and went on to create the Ragdoll variety.

 1970s: With a lot of contradictions arising and some of the original breeders leaving, Mrs. Baker led to setting up a registry of her own named the IRCA (International Ragdoll Cat Association) with strict standards imposed. Moreover, the Ragdolls could also not be registered by other associations.

1994: Owing to the strict standards certain breeders left IRCA, forming a group of their own, naming their stock of Ragdolls as Ragamuffin, as proposed by one of their founders.

2003: Accepted in the Miscellaneous Category by the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association).

2011: They attained Championship status by CFA.

Temperament and personality

  • A sweet-natured lap cat, bonding well with its family, loving to follow them everywhere they go.
  • Just like the rag doll, these cats are also likely to become limp when held.
  • Always craves for attention, not doing well when left alone for a prolonged period.
  • Apart from its gentle and calm nature, it is also active and energetic, loving to run about or play with toys.
  • Has a puppy-like nature, eager to learn tricks as well as be on a leash.
  • Is quite warm and amicable while interacting with guests.
  • Gets along well with kids of all ages, serving as their perfect playmate.
  • Also, shares a good rapport with other cats or even dogs.

Who is the Ragamuffin cat good for

  • People living alone or requiring a companion cat to be by them always.
  • Households where at least someone would be present all the time.
  • Families seeking a cute, cuddly lap cat that could snuggle into their laps as well as accompany them to parties or wherever they go.
  • Those desiring for felines with puppy-like traits.


Its soft, silky coat requires less grooming, sufficing with a weekly brushing done one or two times in a week using a steel comb. Other hygiene measures include trimming the cat’s nails in a span of two weeks, brushing its teeth and cleaning its ears.

Though a healthy breed, certain hereditary ailments like polycystic kidney and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy might be observed in them.


Their pleasant and calm disposition would make it convenient to train these cats and teach it a host of new tricks.

Since it has a knack for fetching toys, you can master it further in this task by throwing its favorite plaything at a distance. The moment it holds it in its mouth, retrieve it gently and throw it again. Repeating this technique would make him get used to the task. To make the game interesting offer treats and praises at every successful attempt.


Feed the Ragamuffin cat with good quality cat food in measured amounts. Since they have a fatty pad in their lower abdomen, these cats are at a risk of getting obese.  Hence care should be taken by giving them a controlled diet.

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