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Skookum Cat

The Skookum Cat is a relatively new and rare cat breed that developed in the United States. It is a cross breed that originated from the Munchkin and the La Perm cats and is known for its small size, and the cute, fluffy looks. Not much confirmative information are available for these newly-bred felines, and they are an experimental breed till date.

Quick Description

Size Category Small
Body Type Overall structure is muscular with a wedge-shaped head studded with wide, walnut-shaped eyes that seem to be proportionately larger than the head; the eyebrows and whiskers are curly; the neck is thick ending in a round shaped chest; the legs are short yet shapely
Coat Type Long, soft, satin, glossy, curly, wavy
Colors/Patterns Different variants are available, including white, black, brown; bi-colored, colorpoint, tabby or solid
Tail Type Medium, straight, fluffy
Life Expectancy (Lifespan) Not yet determined
Weight Male: 5-7 pounds;
Female: 3-5 pounds
Height (Size) Short
Characteristics/Qualities Loving, intelligent, social, playful, interactive, kittenish
Lap Cat Yes
Shedding Low
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets (Other Cats) Yes
Vocalization/Noises Moderate
Hypoallergenic Not known
Attention Seeker No
Countries of Origin USA
Availability Rare
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information TICA (experimental breed)

Video: Pet Skookum Kitten Playing


History and Development

The Skookum is a relatively newer cat breed that developed in the 1990s. It was Roy Galusha, an American breeder who crossed the LaPerm with the Munchkin breed with the intention of creating a new feline that would have a curly coat and short legs. Quite a few other breeders from the USA and abroad, including parts of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, played an active role in the production of this new breed.

Presently, the Skookum cat has only been recognized as an ‘experimental breed’ by most European registries, as well as by New Zealand’s ‘Dwarf Association’.

TICA has also accepted the Skookum as an ‘experimental breed’, even though they have not yet accepted its name. However, the cat is allowed to participate at the championship level.

Temperament and Personality

  • Affectionate towards their owners and family members
  • Fun-loving cats that are playful and are good at jumping and climbing
  • Has a confident, self-assured nature but retains its kittenish attitudes even at adulthood
  • Known to hide in weird places
  • Has an intelligent mind and a good ability to socialize with other cats and strangers

Who is the Highlander Cat Good For

  • Those who want their pets to be ‘cute’
  • Owners who want a new-generation pet that is not much common
  • People who have small homes and do not prefer large animals as pets
  • Those who want their pet to be fond of them and make them laugh by their gestures



Use a small, soft-bristled comb to brush your cat’s hair twice or thrice a week. But do not apply force, since you might then damage the curls.

Health Problems

No breed specific issues have been recorded as yet for this new breed.


Because of their short legs, make sure that your Skookum gets adequate exercise and stays engaged in numerous activities. It is better not to let your cat stay at home all day. Either let it play inside an enclosed yard, or take it out on a leash for a walk on a daily basis.

Are they Easy to Train

Skookums are intelligent cats, and you will not need much effort to teach them good manners. Teach them, climbing high or hiding in awkward places might not always be safe. Begin training your pet while it’s still a kitten.


Buy regular cat kibbles meant for other small and active breeds. But remember not to compromise on the quality.

Interesting Facts

  • The word ‘Skookum’ originated from a jargon in Chinook (a language spoken by the Native Americans) which means ‘powerful’ or ‘mighty’.
  • Little Miss Moppet is the first Skookum cat that won the first championship status in Australia’s Double Grand Champion conducted by the only Australian cat registry, the WNCA.

Published on May 20th 2017 by under USA Cats. Article was last reviewed on 30th May 2017.

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