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Asian Semi-Longhair Cat

The Asian Semi-longhair cat is a longhair version of the ‘Asian Shorthair’ that developed in Britain. This relatively uncommon domestic breed is known for its fluffy looks and loyal nature.

Quick Description

Other Names Tiffany Cat, Tiffanie Cat, Burmilla Longhair, Semi-longhair Burmilla
Size Category Medium
Body Type Compact body, with slender but well-muscled legs and a broad chest; the face is small and roundish with round eyes, short muzzle, and erect, triangular ears
Coat Type Medium to long, soft, satin, glossy
Colors/Patterns Black, brown, chocolate, blue and lilac, bi-colored, striped tabby
Tail Type Long, straight, fluffy
Life Expectancy (Lifespan) 15 years (average)
Weight 8-15 kg (adult male and female)
Height Medium
Characteristics/Qualities Loving, intelligent, social, playful, interactive, curious
Lap Cat No
Shedding Moderate
Good with Children Yes
Good with Pets (Other Cats) No
Vocalization/Noises Loud; frequent
Hypoallergenic No
Attention Seeker Yes
Country of Origin UK
Availability Uncommon
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information GCCF
Breed Standards & Registration Policy

History and Development

In 1981, the Asian Semi-longhair developed as a new breed in the UK through an experimental crossing between the Chinchilla and the Burmilla breeds. A long-haired Burmilla kitten was used in this experimental breeding. Usually, the Burmillas do not possess long hair, but because they carry the ‘longhair’ gene, they sometimes give birth to semi-longhair kittens.

The kittens that were born through such selective breeding were valued for their silky coat that would not get matted, unlike many other longhair breeds. By and by, this new feline started gaining popularity and stature in different cat shows. In 2013, the ‘Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’ (GCCF) of United Kingdom recognized the Asian Semi-longhair cat as an independent breed.

Temperament and Personality

  • Overall gentle nature, characterized by intelligence and empathy; would easily understand the mind of the owner, creating a bond with him
  • Active, playful and enjoy attention, expecting their family members to take part in activities with them
  • Quite loud, frequently ‘meow’ out their feelings and complaints
  • Being possessive, wouldn’t tolerate other cats around their owners
  • Highly curious

Who is the Asian Semi-Longhair Good for

  • Those who are ready to give a lot of time to their cats
  • Owners who are not residing in small or confined apartments
  • Those who do not like lazy pets (i.e., active ones to play with)
  • Owners who think a jealous, loud, and possessive cat is cute



The requirement of grooming this cat is minimal since their long coat is not the tangling type. Brush them lightly every alternate day to retain their natural sheen since this breed feline might catch a lot of dirt and debris. Trim their nails when long.

Health Problems

  • Their mischievous nature and inquisitiveness might lead them to such places where they can easily get inflicted by pests like hookworm, whipworm, rapeworm and roundworm, ear mites, fleas, and ticks
  • These are sensitive breeds and can pick up common cat diseases easily. Vaccinations for common feline issues, including ‘feline enteritis’ and ‘calicivirus’, are recommended

Are they Easy to Train

Their playful instincts (both adults and kittens) can be satisfied by interactive games, toy sets, scratching posts, etc. This clever cat wouldn’t take long to pick up tricks and stunts.


Meat- and fish-based general cat food is enough to keep your Tiffany healthy and active. High quality, premium brand dry kibble is also suggested.

Video: Grooming the Tiffany Cat

Published on April 4th 2017 by under UK Cats. Article was last reviewed on 26th May 2017.

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