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Sam Sawet Cat

The Sam Sawet is a breed of domestic Thai cats that are becoming popular for their cute looks, and also because they do not need a lot of attention. This natural breed of felines align best with owners who do not enjoy being with demanding and attention-seeking cats. They have a well-proportioned body and refined looks. They have a smooth coat and a medium length tail, medium sized eyes, erect ears.

Quick Description

Coat Type Short, straight, smooth
Coat Colors Black, white, tan, brown
Body Type Medium
Life Expectancy (Lifespan) 11-15 years
Weight 9 to 13 pounds
Personality Traits Solitary, obedient, docile, intelligent, playful, social
Lap Cat No
Shedding Moderate; throughout the year
Good with Children Yes
Vocalization Less
Hypoallergenic Yes
Country of Origin Thailand
Competitive Registration/Qualification Information  Not registered

History and Development

This breed is relatively a new breed and was developed in Thailand. However, they have not been recognized by any major cat registries so far, nor do have any specific breed standards.

Temperament and Personality

The Sam Sawets are brimming with energy. By intelligence, they are more than average, acting pretty smart and responsive.

They are extremely pleasant and personal, and are adjustable with their surroundings, no matter where they are taken to. They are felines that known to be friendly and affectionate with their owners and their families.

Reportedly, they love to play with kids. They prefer spending quality time with their owners, and play with the kids of the family, so much so that, they are not likely to get aggressive, even when the kids are rough and boisterous.

They are also comfortable with other pets, including dogs, but prefer a feline mate more. Their playful nature assists them entertain themselves, when no one is around. However, they need their own time to meet and mix with new faces.



These cats shed throughout the year, but brushing them once a week, and bathing once a month should be fine. Trim their nails as and when they need.

Health Problems

Otherwise a healthy breed, sam sawets that are aging might get general cat diseases like fleas, tapeworms, feline lower urinary tract disease, or common allergies.


No breed specific diet in particular is recommended. Only general cat foods like premium brand dry kibble meant for energetic cat breeds can be enough to keep it healthy.

Published on June 2nd 2016 by under Thai Cats. Article was last reviewed on 22nd April 2017.

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