Cats are often misunderstood as being selfish, though in truth they are among the most loyal beings that we can surround ourselves with. However, like any other pet, keeping a cat needs serious consideration as to what breed would be best for you and your schedule. Here at Cat Breed Selector, we work with the sole object of helping you understand this furry friend. Because whether you are new at being a cat-parent, or someone who’s managing for some time, some assistance can never go amiss.

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Taking good care of a cat is no child’s play, and a cat owner cannot face this truth too soon. To this end, the first thing is to choose the right breed, and understand the amount of commitment needed. Use our easy-to-customize filters to find your new best friend.

Having said this much, proper nutrition is the most vital point when it comes to the health of a pet. Find out what your cat can, or can’t eat.